Suvra Kanti Das selected for Photovisa 2013

Suvra Kanti Das selected for Photovisa 2013Suvra Kanti Das selected for Photovisa 2013
Unmindful Killing – Suvra Kanti Das

We are pleased to announce that UnFrame Photographer Suvra Kanti Das has been selected as a finalist by the Festival’s jury for the Exhibition with his latest work Unmindful Killing.

Unmindful killing is a photo documentary about the irresponsibile drainage of lands surrounding the metropolitan area of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the past 20 years, construction companies have disrupted the ecosystem draining around 65% of water bodies of the area like rivers and lakes to make room for new industrial and residential building disregard of the massive pollution produced and the erasure of the marine ecology and biodiversity in the area.

The opening week (the main official program) of the V International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa is scheduled for the October 2013. This year’s theme is CLIMATE of CHANGES. Man and His Life. Family. Society. Nature.

The finalists’ exhibition opens in the framework of the V International Festival of photography PHOTOVISA on October, 20, 2013; the winner in the category photography/photoseries will be announced at the opening of the exhibition.

All the UnFrame Photographers wish the best of luck to Suvra!


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