Anti-polio campaign in Pakistan goes on

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Pakistan’s fight against the polio virus is still undergoing, with volunteers making even a greater effort now to keep the anti-polio campaign going.

In 2014 the virus experienced a resurgence, and a record 303 cases were reported, making the country the highest reported incidence among the other two carrier countries, Afghanistan and Nigeria. But Pakistan’s case is hindered by militancy and spreading of the virus in other parts of the country, where once there was no occurrence of polio. Terrorists frequently attack volunteers administering the polio drops, while police escorts them, and paramilitary security personnel has also been targeted.

The government departments are trying their best to minimize casualties and maximize the reach of the anti-polio programme. Local community and religious leaders have been courted to ensure they support the anti-polio campaign and can argue against the rumours. There are immunisation posts at transit points in the city, such as railway stations and major roads.

Karachi, Pakistan. January 2014 and January 2015

Mandatory credit: Asim Hafeez / UnFrame