Burning Democracy

In Bangladesh politically driven crimes exceeded 150 since last couple of months . Civilians are randomly burnt alive and brutally killed in the name of ‘democracy’.

On 28th November, 18 people have been severely burnt when supporters of nationwide blockage torched a bus near Shahbag. Few of them died during treatment at the Dhaka medical college hospital. Every day burnt peoples from across the country comes to the Dhaka medical college for better treatment. The scene at the burn unit of the Dhaka Medical College seems to be cut out from the hell.

The country’s politics has led the nation to a macabre and grotesque situation where human values, principle, rationality and moral have been neglected and buried.

Political protests have long crossed the universally accepted limit. No law or common sense should permit such attacks on people. Bangladeshi people became the victim of ‘democracy’.

Mandatory credit: Suvra Kanti Das / UnFrame

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