Latest tearsheets

April 2015 – A selection of the available recent tearsheets and publications of the UnFrame Photographers. Sorted in random order.

Ramòn Ruiz Sampaio

Ramon ruiz Sampaio UnFrame tearsheet LMD

Le Monde DiplomatiqueAu Mexique, le massacre de trop (Mexico, the excessive massacre)  – France – (Ramòn Ruiz Sampaio/UnFrame/Cosmos)

Nick Kozak

Shiamaa La Repubblica

Shaimaa Paris manifestation

La RepubblicaParigi, Tributo in piazza all’attivista uccisa durante le manifestazioni al Cairo (Paris, tribute to the activist killed during the protests in Cairo) – Frontpage and inside gallery – Italy – (Nick Kozak/UnFrame)  – external link to the gallery

other publications from Nick:

–  Dutch Television VPROTribute to Shaimaa El­-Sabagh in Paris – TV news program – Nederlands – (Nick Kozak/UnFrame)  (tearsheet not available)

– De Morgen – Tribute to Shaimaa El­-Sabagh in Paris – Print and online version of the newspaper – Belgium – (Nick Kozak/UnFrame) (tearsheet not yet available)

Riccardo Budini

Medjugorje book - Riccardo Budini tearsheet

Book cover – Medjugorje – Il cielo sulla Terra (Medjugorje – The sky on earth) – Piemme edizioni – Italy – (Riccardo Budini/UnFrame)

riccardo Budini tearsheet magazine

Flaneur MagazinePalimpsest – Issue 04 – inside image – Germany – (Riccardo Budini/UnFrame)

Medjugorje tearsheet -  Mondadori

Hearst MagazinesMedjugorjeI luoghi sacri – (The sacred places) – Italy – (Riccardo Budini/UnFrame)

Mstyslav Chernov

La croix

La Croix – L’Ukraine veut se « désoviétiser » à marche forcée – (Ukraine wants a forced “desovietation”) – France  – (Mstyslav Chernov/UnFrame/Cosmos) – External Link to the article

White House condemns the separatist Ukrainian elections


LRT – White House condemns the separatist Ukrainian elections – Lituania – external link to the article

Oskar Krejci: Ukraine expects a new revolution

Inosmi 24 – Foreign Press Review – Oskar Krejci: Ukraine expects a new revolution – Russia – External link to the article