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UnFrame  strives to disseminate the photographic culture and promote talented international photographers and visual storytellers. UnFrame selects works ranging from sheer photojournalism, to documentary photography, visual storytelling and world cultures and heritage.

If you have a great story to show consider to submit it. We’ll do our best to give exposure to your work to a diversified audience and photography insiders.

Content at UnFrame is handled professionally and is hand picked. We use no user generated content systems. While this process makes our production slower and resource consuming, we believe that it is the best way to ensure the quality and control we expect.

Selected  photo series will be presented in a neat magazine like layout which adapts to all kind of devices.


In order to submit your story, register for an account with UnFrame first. Use the Facebook button to instantly register and log in. Alternatively use the email procedure (in case you don’t receive the confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder)

Submission F.A.Q.

Submit your best photographic stories. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an established professional, emerging or amateur photographer. We focus on the quality of your work.

We prefer to give priority to compelling, genuine documentary photography, photojournalism, world cultures and heritage photography. We also may evaluate extraordinary works falling in other categories.  Please take a look at the stories displayed on UnFrame to get some reference and inspiration.

Not all of them, there’s a selection process which may seem as quite strict to some.
In the event you will not be selected, you are encouraged to retry anytime.

We consider the work submitted as final. Please do your checks before sending. If anyway you believe that a correction or integration is really important, log-in with your account and send us a request (“edit” link) to reopen and edit your submission.

No, UnFrame in no way may claim ownership or any interest in the photographer’s images, other than displaying them on UnFrame websites and give them the best exposure.

Yes we do, but not with your work. In all cases UnFrame does not act as intermediary. UnFrame was founded as a cooperative of photojournalists and, a closed number of photographers independently license their own works under UnFrame brand. Entering the cooperative is a different process and it opens only once in a while.

We prefer to select works that don’t require extensive editing. Also we don’t select stories that, on a first stance, appear to be in some way biased.
Views expressed remains yours, as well as the responsibility on accuracy and veracity of the facts described.

Generally, agencies and clients who require exclusivity, grant the photographer the permission to display their photo for personal promotional purposes. If that is your case, then we would say yes, you can submit them. If in doubt, it is important that you check with your agency or client.

No, at this stage there are no fees to pay. If this will change in the future, it will not affect any of the works submitted before.

The approval process can take up to 30 days.  Sometimes it can be much quicker but it all depends on the queue or on our availability. If you get approved you will receive an email. If you don’t hear from us, you can safely consider your submission unsuccessful.

We will display the photos on UnFrame’s website and try our best to make your work and name known to a broad and diversified audience.

A transparent agreement allows us to work and handle professionally your work and data, protecting you, your work and us. We don’t ask for more rights than those really necessary to develop our mission, which has been explained above.

We suggest to carefully read and understand the terms and privacy policy below. Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification you may require.
We wish you the best of luck with UnFrame!