The Color of Scars

In 2011 and 2012 I travelled to the countries swept away by the Arab Spring revolutions. I wanted to experience the uprisings first hand. Walking by these people, focusing them in my viewfinder, looking into their faces one could not but feel the euphoria and reassurance that life can and should be a better place in which to live in.
I fell in love with images that I unsuspectingly saw floating between layers of reality. This world of color was to me as intoxicating and captivating as it was woeful and tragic. The revolution bought new roles and new identities for different people. People and landscapes took on new meanings and a new preponderance in the eyes of the world. Every gathering, every emptiness, every face and every gesture however innocent carried with it the scars of revolution and war. As events were churning all around me I saw ordinary people in battle between trying to maintain a normalcy of life and at the same time fight for a better future. I sought out these places in order to color the inner soul of a changing world.

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey. Years 2011-2012
All text and photographs © 2012  Alexandros Demetriades

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