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“A tourist is someone who travels in countries other than the habitual residence and outside of their own everyday surroundings, for a period of at least one night but not more than one year and whose usual purpose is other than any remunerated activity of the country visited. This term includes those who travel for: leisure, rest and vacation, visiting friends and relatives, for business reasons and professional, for health reasons, religious / pilgrimage and more. “ (World Tourism Organization).

Rome is full of tourists from all over the world across the entire year. The representatives of countless customs and traditions gather together in one city. I focused my photography project on a number of situations and behaviors that are common and reiterated among all travellers.
Endless culture combinations coexist in the same place for a short, yet repeated time. Tourists come and go continuously offering an event which became in time, the normality. Nevertheless, this repeated plot never fails to offer an interesting and sometime bizarre show.

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