Riccardo Budini wins five honorable mentions at IPA Awards 2013

UnFrame Photographer Riccardo Budini has been awarded five honorable mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013:

Young Palestinian Brothers living nearby the Segregation Wall

Honorable Mention: Professional category, Editorial

Young Palestianian Bothers - Riccardo Budini

Living with Migraine

Honorable Mention: Professional category, Photo Essay and Feature Story
Honorable Mention: Professional category, Lyfestyle

Migraine is a neurological disorder that is often socially underrated, as it mostly gets confused with the common and occasional headache. As a consequence who suffers from migraine has often to deal with the stress of lack of others understanding. Living with migraine implies cyclic phases of severe disturbances which lead to the inability to accomplish…
More is also available as a multimedia slideshow in UnFrame here

Living with Migraine - Riccardo Budini

Rome Expanded

Honorable Mention: Professional category, Cityscapes

Since the post World War II period, housing has been the main economic driver of the Italian capital. Notwithstanding since the ’80s there’s no more a real pressing need for additional lodging, the turnover of construction sector continued to increase seeking for new spaces and continuously expanding. Contractors today not only focus on the affordable housing and land-intensive projects of the past but also on enormous spaces for the commerce and untraditional ways of leisure.

Rome Expanded Aerial view
Rome suburbs Aerial view

Abandoned Summer Spaces

Honorable Mention: Professional category, Architecture

During the month of August the congested Eur district in Rome is completely left abandoned by workers and inhabitants. Even parked cars disappear allowing to rediscover the metaphysical principle that the planners, in the late 30’s, brought into play to complete this neighborhood. Originally inspired by the architecture of rationalism and loaded with a manifest component of celebrative classicism imposed by the rhetoric of the dictatorship, the EUR represent a unique urbanization experiment with a hybrid personality. It took two summers to take all the photographs. They are the result of a patient waiting for the total absence.

Abandoned Summer Spaces - Riccardo Budini