Tribute to Shaimaa El­-Sabagh in Paris

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On January 24, 2015 Egyptian researcher and leftist activist Shaimaa El-­Sabagh was shot dead by purportedly by police, from a distance of less than 8 meters, at a peaceful demonstration that was organized by the Popular Alliance party in Cairo. She was carrying flowers in memory of those who were killed during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Today, January 27, at Place de la République in Paris, a group of people, including a close friend of Shaimaa’s named Mohamed Fouad, silently paid tribute to Shaimaa. Pairs in the group reenacted a photograph that has widely been distributed of her covered in blood after being shot, held up by a fellow demonstrator.

Paris, France. Jan. 27, 2015

Mandatory credit: Nick Kozak / UnFrame

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