10 Pilgrims Die In Stampede, Bangladesh

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At least 10 devotees died during the ‘Astami snan’, the Hindu holy bath in the Old Brahmaputra River, at Langalbandh, Narayanganj.
The bathing of the pilgrims started early in the morning on Friday. When later, between 9 to 10am, the flow peaked, pilgrims overcrowded the place and a fatal stampede took place, leaving on the ground 10 bodies of devotees, including those of seven women.
Witnesses raided critics over the disorganization of incoming and outcoming flows of devotees on the river bank.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her condolences and sympathised with the families of the victims.

Langalbandh, a Hindu holy place placed on the bank of old Brahmaputra river, 20 km from Dhaka, hosts the religious gathering where Hindu pilgrims from Bangladesh, India and Nepal take part in the bath.

Langalbandh, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. March 27, 2015

Mandatory credit: Suvra Kanti Das / UnFrame