A new beginning

Artur Conka - Lunik IX

Extract from Lunik IX – Lost and Forgotten

As a result of some positive discussions and feedback, UnFrame Photographers has been updated to fully embody its essence of documentary resource, which main focus is the contemporary issues. We are particularly satisfied with the new setup which is the result of the collaboration of the photographers and all those who manifested their interest to the project. 
We present 5 new works which incarnate the new development undertaken.

UnFrame Photographers have been on the field in Asia, Indian subcontinent, Europe and North Africa to report the unseen or untold effects of the course of contemporary history, in the social and personal sphere.
More stories are coming soon, marking the same direction and adding new important objectives.
Some interesting questions arose out of this project. UnFrame quite differs from other resources like a magazine, an agency and on. So, instead of listing which it is not, we prefer that you follow its next evolutions!