Winner and Finalists of Prisma Photo Contest announced


The winner of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest 2015 is MAX BASTARD with the photograph entitled A Peasants Struggle

Max Bastard - A Peasants Struggle

Max Bastard – A Peasants Struggle


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention to IVAN KOVALEV for his photograph Love Notes on Toothbrushes

Ivan Kovalev - Notes on Toothbrushes

Ivan Kovalev – Notes on Toothbrushes


Finalists of PRISMA | Human Rights Photo Contest have been announced. The exhibition will take place from 11 September 2015, during the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.
Photographs by guest photographer Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan) and Finalists Jenevieve Aken (Nigeria), Mario Badagliacca (Italy), Max Bastard (South Africa), Chen Yi-Jie (Taiwan), Nicolas De Luigi (Italy / Switzerland), Jean-Jérôme Destouches (France / Argentina), Khaled Hasan (Bangladesh), Michael Vince Kim (Korea / USA), Ivan Kovalev (Russia / USA), Mário Macilau (Mozambique), Myriam Meloni (Italy),  dam Jacobi Moller (Denmark), Ramón Ruiz Sampaio (Mexico), Michele Salati (Italy), Jumoke Sanwo (Nigeria), Simone Settimo (Italy), Luigi Storto (Italy), Federico Sutera Sardo (Italy), Patrick Tombola (Italy / Australia), Margherita Vitagliano (Italy)


Official Press Release:

PRISMA | Human Rights Photo Contest
First edition
Photo Exhibition – 11 September / 11 October 2015
Talks – 11 September 4.30 – 7 pm
Special Opening – 11 September 7 pm
Award Ceremony – 11 September 8 pm
Monastery of San Nicolò, Lido – Venice

The first edition of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest is organised by The Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation in collaboration with Lightbox.
PRISMA was officially launched during the Venice Art Biennale opening with Alfredo Jaar as special guest. The theme of 2015 is “Freedom”.
Photographers, professional and amateur, from any part of the world have submitted their work.
The twenty selected images will be displayed, along with photographs by the special guest photographer Rena Effendi, to illustrate the relevance of “Freedom” as a fundamental human right and the importance of defending it. Freedom from oppression, freedom of speech and belief, freedom of movement, freedom from fear, freedom of thought and freedom of opinion.
The exhibition opens its doors at the Monastery of San Nicolò, the premises of the European InterUniversity Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) from 11 September 2015, during the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. The opening day, the Monastery will be the venue for talks on the theme “Freedom” and the connection between art, photography, cultural production, media and human rights. The exhibition will be open to the public until 11 October 2015.
A very special international jury will announce the winner of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest. The jury is composed by Rena Effendi, internationally renowned Azerbaijani photographer; Isabelle Gattiker, General and Programme Director of the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights in Geneva; Almir Koldzic, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts, organisation comprising creative arts and cultural projects exploring refugee and migrant experiences; Azu Nwagbogu, Director of the Lagos Photo Festival and of the African Artists’ Foundation; and Alberto Prina, photojournalist and Founder of the Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine and of the Festival of Ethical Photography.
PRISMA aims at being not only a photographic contest but also to become an annual event for photography on human rights worldwide. PRISMA’s purpose is to create a network of artists, intellectuals and professionals interested in strengthening the protection of human rights and the promotion of democracy and peace. Furthermore, the goal of PRISMA is to complement academic research with other media of knowledge, such as photography, to reach a wider international public and foster a better understanding of human rights issues and their protection.
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