Photojournalists, Documentary photographers, , videojournalists interested in being part of UnFrame collective should provide us with links to your works/publications/biography.

The approval process is based on the evaluation of :  uniqueness, relevancy, objectivity, depth, recency and accuracy. Also we base our selection on other factors which depend mostly on our  organization needs.


  • To be a working professional documentary photographer/videographer.
  • To understand and apply journalism ethics and to be proficient in the management of photojournalism procedures when writing texts, captioning and keywording your photos (we have comprehensive guidelines). Also a fluent English is essential when writing.
  • To be able respond to inquiries from editors quickly and efficiently
  • To understand the basics of image licensing
  • To keep up UnFrame reputation and name

Each one of these points will represent the main effort towards the collective.
Additional organizational tasks and collective projects can be assigned to you on a volunteering basis.

UnFrame is a little,  committed and active group of photographers which mission is to make the most out of every member and to offer to the market exclusively selected and relevant photographic essays under a custom and constantly evolving formula.

UnFrame is a collective in first place, not a large base of photos or photographer’s unlinked names. At the same time we are represented as a collective by prominent international agencies which, as needed,  provide us a broader distribution service to complete efficiently the circle of our workflow.

Every UnFrame member is a contributing pillar of the organization. Under this scheme we are able to rotate roles to make our structure always solid and to not supercharge anyone with non proper photographic tasks. Your works have chances to be published in newspapers and magazines across the world or exhibited in main venues.

UnFrame directors meet once a year to discuss and plan the organization’s future. Every other member is invited to actively participate to the annual meeting.

As we have very few positions available each year we are bound to a strict selection, which depends not only on the quality of your work, but also on a number of other parameters imposed by our organizational model.

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