Children in the Roma village of Nižná Mysla.

The End of Lunik IX

You can't miss Lunik IX, but most people avoid it at all costs. It is a dilapidated block of flats in the western part of Kosice in Slovakia that receives no gas, electricity or running water...
Community channel artur conka

Community Channel to broadcast Artur Conka’s Lunik IX docufilm

The Gypsy Roma Traveller Season started yesterday and UnFrame's Photographer Artur Conka's Docufilm, Lunik IX will be broadcasted on Community...
Lunik IX, a young roma girl whose ambitions is to study.

Lunik IX

Lunik IV is sadly the largest Roma ghetto in Slovakia. Incredibly, there is 99% unemployment allied to alarming numbers of those addicted to drug and alcohol abuse from virtually cradle to grave. The very antithesis

Photos and text Artur Conka