Children in the Roma village of Nižná Mysla.

The End of Lunik IX

You can't miss Lunik IX, but most people avoid it at all costs. It is a dilapidated block of flats in the western part of Kosice in Slovakia that receives no gas, electricity or running water...

Przemek: a Roma Thai boxer tackling understanding between communities

Przemek Kierpacz and his family are Polish Roma who have been living in the UK for a number of years. Przemek is an advocate for Roma Support Group, a NGO promoting an understanding of Roma culture in the UK...

Two survivors of the Roma genocide share their stories

On the 70th anniversary of the largest mass killing of Roma, on August 2, 1944, hundreds gathered at a commemoration event in Krakow and Auschwitz. I spoke with two Roma Genocide survivors, József Forgács and Rita Prigmore.
70th anniversary of Roma genocide

Two survivors of the Roma genocide share their stories in Auschwitz

Two survivors of the Roma genocide share their stories during the 70th anniversary in Auschwitz, Poland

Artur Conka on assignment to report on the 70th anniversary of the Roma genocide

The UnFrame photographer Artur Conka is currently on assignment in Krakow / Auschwitz to report on the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. Today, August 2, marks the 70th anniversary of the Roma Genocide...
Community channel artur conka

Community Channel to broadcast Artur Conka’s Lunik IX docufilm

The Gypsy Roma Traveller Season started yesterday and UnFrame's Photographer Artur Conka's Docufilm, Lunik IX will be broadcasted on Community...
Roma Britain

Documentary by Artur Conka on Roma Britain

UnFrame Photographer Artur Conka is on Roma Britain project. "The Roma Britain is the blog of an independent documentary project....