Workers in the Bangladesh garments industry

The photo essays complete a body of a long term work that Suvra Kanti Das is carrying out on the garments industry and business in Bangladesh with a particular focus on workers and their working conditions.

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02 Aug 2014

Garment workers hunger strike in Dhaka goes on

Several hundreds garment workers of the Tuba Group had been on hunger strike for three consecutive days yesterday demanding their outstanding wages and Eid bonus.
However, no official of the Tuba Group was available for making any comment regarding the allegations that the workers have raised.
“We were paid our wages up to April, when the factory made jersey for the FIFA World Cup,” said a line supervisor of one of the factories named Tuba Fashion.
“The management started delaying our payments in a planned way so that they could get the owners released before Eid. They thought if they could give rise to a labour unrest before the festival, it would draw media as well as government attention,” he said.

Five days have passed since the workers have been fasting, but neither the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association nor the government have allegedly extended any material support. The workers have not got any assurance about the payment of their dues either.

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How garments are manufactured in a Bangladesh factory

How garments are manufactured in a Bangladesh factory. Workers carry forward all the programmed stages: the conversion of yarn into fabric through knitting, weaving and warping, the computer aided design stage and embroidery, the cutting and stitching, the washing and dyeing, the ironing and the final packaging of garments before they are sent out for international distribution.
More than 80% of the country’s nearly 3.5 million garment factory workers are women. Gazipur, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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