Suvra Kanti Das wins the Photographic Angle award

the photographic angle

We are happy to announce that the UnFrame Photographer Suvra Kanti Das won the first prize for the Photographic Angle Capturing Culture award.
The winning work presented by Suvra is Rakher Upobash which portrays Hindu worshippers praying during the annual religious festival.

Rakher Upobash was already nominated as a finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards in the arts and cultures category.

The Photographic Angle holds free exhibitions that travel across the UK transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries, giving the public the chance to explore the fascinating medium of photography. TPA is linked to the Royal Photographic Society, and in conjunction with it, is responsible for funding a bursary for work in relation to environmental awareness. In addition, the charity also awards a number of its own bursaries each year.

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Rakher Upobash

A Woman Hindu devotee absorbed in prayer during the Rhakesh Upobash religious Festival near Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: Suvra Kanti Das / UnFrame